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We are always available and easily accessible to answer your needs


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View your renewals, your production, the claims of your portfolio, your loss ratio, your dues, and your statement of account


View product benefits, provide a quote, submit an application for policy issuance, and report a claim


View product benefits, provide a quote, submit an application for policy issuance, and report a claim


View product terms & conditions, provide a quote and define the underwriting requirements needed



View product benefits, provide a quote, submit an application for policy issuance, and report a claim


View product benefits, provide a quote, submit an application for policy issuance, and report a claim

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View product terms & conditions and provide a quote

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We walk the talk
  • I always have positive feedback in claims


    World Destination Travel | Karen Dakouny

    Clients usually do not want to insure because they think Insurance companies do not pay, but I, Karen Dakouny, like working with Securite Assurance because I always have positive feedback in claims and you have quick and positive service.

  • Services are being prompt


    D&S Agency | Gabrielle Daou

    We appreciate the services rendered by Sécurité Assurance, they facilitated our entry to the travel market. Services are being prompt and Claims are being assessed fairly. Hope all the success to reach your goals.

  • Follow-up on claims and cases very closely


    Volver Tours | Isabelle Khachoyan

    We are dealing with your company since 7 years. You guys are very helpful and follow-up on claims and cases very closely. You are very supportive when we need help and all cases are being covered.

  • We always recommend securite to our clients


    Sonomar Travel | Liliane Ghanem

    We always recommend Securite Assurance to our clients for their response to any claim raised by them. We experience several cases and our clients were well served and compensated.

  • Great assistance & prompt replies


    Bonzai Travel | Joumana Azzi

    Very happy to deal with Securite Assurance for the travel insurance of our passengers.
    In addition to their great assistance & prompt replies, they always show us their efficiency, friendly approach & professionalism.

  • Beyond our expectations


    Tania Travel | Marwan Malaeb

    The work was above and beyond what we could have expected. Great opportunities are worth the risk with Securite Assurance in hand.

  • All went well


    Serj Khanijian

    All went smooth and I am delighted with the motor claims service.

  • Excellent end to end motor claim


    Jessica Abou Harb

    An excellent end to end motor claims service.

  • Towing service as promised


    Wissam Slick

    Great motor claims and towing service as promised I was towed quickly despite the traffic.

  • All was great


    Ghada El Khoury

    All was great and Daniel ( Zouk branch) was marvelous. We agreed on all issues with ease.

  • Very good


    Pierre Zgeib

    Very good motor claims service.

  • Pleased with the service


    Suhail Al Hachem

    Staff are very efficient, I am pleased with the service I got.

  • Efficient motor team


    Alfred Al Zoghbi

    The customer service and professional efficiency of your motor team is the best.

  • Excellent medical care


    Danny Saad

    Excellent medical care and excellent customer service and follow-up!

  • No fear


    Bassam Khoury

    No anxieties, no fears and one feels that he is surrounded by continuous protection and care.

  • Immediate admission at hospitals


    Marcel Zakaria Bou Tayeh

    Admission to hospital was as good as immediate and nothing in my experience equaled in speed.

  • 20 years of business with Securite Assurance


    Moussa Fakhoury

    After almost  20 years of Business with securite assurance, I would like to thank the company for the great service provided  in medical, shipping, and vehicle insurance. I would like to thank you for always being available and attentive. I am really satisfied with the service. I have never had a claim refused!

  • Quick Medical Service


    Roland Zakaria

    Securite has a good and quick medical service. I am very happy with securite Assurance

  • #1 Insurance company


    Charbel Homsi

    when you are asking about the #1 insurance company there is only one answer to me: Securite Assurance. #1 in medical and #1 in all risk follow up. #1 on being my second family since 5 years. #1 in everything. Securite Assurance you are here when we need you. I love you!

  • 5 years with Securite


    Roger Baz

    We are very grateful for your understanding in dealing with our big marine claim in Riyadh! It has been over five years that we are cooperating with Securite Assurance to our full satisfaction and we do recommend your company to all our colleagues, friends and accounts.

  • Leading in marine insurance


    Souraya Melko

    Securite Assurance is the leading company in marine services that we  appreciate working with. Its team shows professionalism  and reply promptly to our queries and settle claims in a very efficient manner.

  • Experts in marine insurance


    Ghina Kawa

    Securite Assurance is a reliable and trust worthy insurance company who has developed to become an expert in marine insurance. Through our wide experience with them I declare that they settle all claims related to marine insurance in a professional, fair, and prompt way. I wish them great success!

  • Excellent follow-up


    Danny Saad

    Excellent medical care and excellent customer service and follow-up!

  • Securite covers all our household medical


    Imad Tohmeh

    In view of the medical treatment rendered we decided to take up with your company all our household Medical Cover!

  • Speed and ease of service


    Fadi Misperian

    Speed in service and ease in conducting medical tests, especially blood related tests.

  • Delighted with the service


    Tony Aoun

    Outstanding medical treatment, and service was to our delight.

  • Excellent medical service


    Maria Mekary Mawad

    Seeing the excellent medical service delivered, we encouraged a friend of ours to get their insurance cover from your company.

  • Good treatment


    Sami Chamoun

    Good treatment and on schedule.

  • Compassionate company


    Akid Hadchiti

    A very good and compassionate company.

  • All went well


    Hatem Othman

    A well-organized management. Proficient in claims handling.  All went well with no issues.

  • Topnotch service


    Georges Baroud

    Topnotch treatment and a trustworthy company.

  • A fabulous company


    Zafer Zahr El Dine

    I knew your true worth only after interacting with other insurance companies.  Your service is marvelous as compared to other companies that failed to answer my calls and are behind schedule in the processing of files. With such encouraging experience, I have decided to deal with you beginning of next year.

  • Impressive


    Johnny Makhlouf

    Impressive reception, nothing surpasses your treatment.

  • A cheerful treatment


    Elie Khoury

    A cheerful treatment. Second to none!

  • Good conduct


    Mohamad El Hujayri

    Treatment full of good conduct and class.

  • Excellent treatment


    Habib Abi Raad

    A treatment that is above and beyond what is expected, especially that the administration gives first-rate service. They are there for all, and are ethical and friendly.

  • Superb


    Ibrahim Ayach

    The treatment is nothing but superb. I really admired interacting with you. You have earned my respect and I further strengthened my relationship.

  • I am in good hands


    Hicham Matar

    Interacting with their administration, they displayed decency and positive vibes, especially in legal and claims related affairs.  Believing that I am in good hands, all my projects are now being insured with you.

  • Terrific


    Rahad Al Dayekh

    A terrific treatment!

  • A company for all and worthy of our trust


    Amir Rayan Fathallah

    A trust that a person will not even get from his own family. You have true ladies and gentlemen and are quite friendly.  I thank you many folds.

  • Speed in processing files


    Nader Agdih

    Speed in processing files and payments of claims. Outstanding service.

  • Excellent Treatment


    Habib Abi Raad

    A treatment that is above and beyond what is expected, especially that the administration gives first-rate service. They are there for all, and are ethical and friendly.

  • Our experience has been impeccable


    Capstone | Ziad Khabbaz

    We develop large construction projects and insure most of our project with Securite Assurance (contractor all risk policies).  Our experience with the company has been impeccable.

  • Laborer injured during duty


    Nelly Akl

    A laborer was hardly injured during his duties. He was admitted at the hospital and we were very satisfied of the prompt service and the care provided.

  • Admission to hospitals was totally trouble free


    Nassif Atallah

    The first account that I placed with Securite Assurance was Workmen compensation and contractor all risk policies to cover the phase II of Lebanese University campus. Securite Assurance had to deal with serial losses and severe injuries. The admission to hospitals was totally trouble free and the prompt service that the team provided gave me all the enthusiasm to develop my professional relationship with them.

  • Great service


    UPO | Alfred Majdalani

    Great service! Marine claims are processed swiftly and our business related accidents are handled with great care.

  • Clients and myself are totally satisfied


    Joseph Ghazaly

    Being an insurance consultant, my collaboration with Securite Assurance took strength over the past 6 years based on several fire incidents that hit the properties of my clients, namely Shamsin Bakery, Massaad restaurant,  Marzouk Mansour and CFG cold stores; all well known clients and myself were totally satisfied of the way the claims were solved.

  • We highly recommend Securite Assurance


    Sleep Comfort | Tony Sawaya

    It has been several years that we are insured with your company, you always treated our cargo  claims promptly. We have also suffered a minor fire loss two years ago amounting 20,000$ that you solved out with lot of understanding. We highly recommend Securite Assurance for being a reliable insurance company.

  • Great staff and the broker department is great


    Nakhle Gabriel

    The Service is excellent, you feel like you are heard and your requests are their main purpose. Great Staff and the broker department is great.

  • Our clients are very satisfied & this makes us happy


    Ramzi Chartouni

    We’ve been brokers for some time now, and we worked with a lot of companies. This being said, we have never experienced such quick claims handling. Our clients are very satisfied and this makes us happy and want to work more with Securite Assurance.

  • Customer centricity is not marketing gimmic


    F.A Hosri | Carina Hosri

    With Securite Assurance customer centricity is not just a marketing gimmick! You really feel you are at the center which allows you as a broker to worry only about what is your main concern; Your Customer.

  • Handles situations positively


    Sleiman Hobeika

    I recently faced a claim and the company handled the situation immediately and positively.

  • 99% of the claims are covered


    Jean Rahi

    99% of the claims are covered smoothly. Excellent service.

  • The underwriting team is perfet


    Royal Brokerage | Caroline Samaha

    I never receive any complaint from my clients about any claim or delay in the hospitals and Labs. As for the underwriting team they are perfect.

  • Everyone there works professionally


    Saba Insurance Services | Sylvie Saba

    I feel comfortable dealing with Securite Assurance team, everyone there works professionally. Securite Assurance and its shareholders deserve the best.

  • Le service et le follow-up avec le broker est excellent


    Sybil Sabbagh

    D’après ces quatres derniers mois de travail ensemble j’ai touché dans SECURITE ASSURANCE l’ésprit de famille et d’amitie. Le service et le follow-up avec le broker est Excellent. Courage pour cette superbe companie.

  • Plus que 25 ans deja, que du bonheur!


    Bassil Maatouk

    Plus que 25 ans deja, que du bonheur!! Faire partie de ma grande famille, qui est jeune, dynamique, tenant ses promesses, et a l’ecoute aux besoins de sa clientele…

  • Speed in issuing of insurance policies


    B Secure Insurance Brokers | Charlotte Saab

    Speed in issuing of insurance policies as well as in settling the claims, flexible and caring about the broker and the client interest. Well done and keep going.

  • Committed staff that brokers can depend on to grow


    Ghinas Insurance | Ghassan Abi Karam

    Securite Assurance is proving day after day that it is a serious company with committed staff that we as brokers can depend on to grow our business together and face the ever growing needs and challenges of our customers.

  • Prompt reply of our claims


    Riachi Group | Mabele Riachi

    As a broker, it is important that the company has a strong understanding of our business. Therefore, we would like to thank you for your prompt reply to our claims.

  • Fire claim amounting to $135,000 was fully paid


    Joseph Ghazale

    I had a personal experience with Securite Assurance where a Fire claim amounting to $135,000 was fully and promptly paid. Additionally, the follow-up and support that the staff provides is outstanding! All the best to Securite Assurance.

  • Our experience with Securite Assurance is great


    Metropolitan Insurance Consultants | Aphrodite Hazougi Nakad

    Our experience with Securite Assurance is great, we have a partnership relation.
    They are transparent and responsive to our need.
    We work with a professional team and Securite Assurance will be the top-of-mind insurance company.


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