Refundable Term Plan

Our “Refundable Term Plan” not only provides you a life cover like any other term plan, but it ensures all your premiums are returned once you reach 65 or at the end of the policy period.

What will you benefit from?

  • A guaranteed maturity value at the end of the policy
  • Maturity value can be equal to 100%, 75% or 50% of the total premium paid according to plan chosen by the client
  • In case of Natural or Accidental Death, an immediate lump sum amount (the sum insured) will be paid to the designated beneficiaries
  • Optional additional coverage in case of Total Permanent Disability (Natural or Accidental) a sum insured will be paid to the insured person over five yearly payment
  • Sum insured amount to be chosen depending on maturity guaranteed value
  • Optional additional coverage in case of Total Permanent Disability (Natural or Accidental), we will waive the premium
  • The option to receive the retirement amount at maturity as a lump sum or spread it over 10 annuities according to your preference
  • Easy payment methods through an automatic direct debit from your bank account, through credit card on our website, or through our direct collection facility

How does it work?

You can determine the Sum assured in case of death upon subscription and the policy duration. The below table illustrates the process and figures based on a Sum Assured of USD 50,000.

Age of the InsuredPlan DurationTotal Paid Premiums (USD)Maturity Value

What are the characteristics of the products?

  • Age at entry: between 20 and 65 years old.
  • Period of scheme: 10, 20 or until insured is 65 years old.
  • Minimum Sum Assured: USD 25,000.

Our Savings Insurance Plans

Retirement Saving Plan

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Refundable Term Plan

Provides a life cover and ensures premiums paid are returned.

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