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We offer four plans that cater for different healthcare requirements. Prime Care is our flagship unlimited product. Global Care is our high-end product which includes a wide array of benefits with very high financial limits. Best Care is our budget friendly product with comprehensive coverage. Essential Care provides essential benefits at very attractive prices. We also provide tailor-made products for small or large businesses as well as syndicates.

Medical insurance plans – benefits summary

The benefits you get out of the insurance plan you purchase vary according to its type.

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Prime Care is our flagship unlimited product

Area of coverLebanon
Networks availableFull Network on direct billing
Inpatient benefits
Limit per yearUnlimited
Maternity (not applicable for Junior single)
For couplesFull cover after 180 days of enrollment, for all classes
Free of charge new born baby (Bébé Securite)Covered from day one
Incubator & nurseryUnlimited days, up to $30,000
Congenital cases for babies born at Securite (Bébé Securite)All cases covered up to the age of 12 and with no financial limit
Parent accommodation at hospital for children below 16 yearsCovered
Due to accidentUnlimited, as per TPA’s tariff
Due to sicknessUp to $30,000 per year, as per TPA’s tariff
Additional Inpatient benefits
Sleep disorders diseasePolysomnography is only covered
Sleep Apnea SurgeryUp to $5,000
ParkinsonUp to $5,000 (In & Out)
EpilepsyUp to $5,000 (In & Out)
New treatments, medical techniques, surgeries & testsUp to $5,000 (In & Out)
Rehabilitation for a covered caseUp to $2,000
InfertilityCovered after 12 months of enrollment and up to $3,000 per year, for all classes, as per TPA’s tariff
Work related accidentCovered
Bone marrow aspiration & organ transplant surgeryUp to $30,000 per lifetime. As per TPA’s tariff. Cost of organ is excluded
Bariatric surgery related to morbid obesity (e.g. Sleeve and bypass)Up to $7,500 per lifetime. As per TPA’s tariff
Tropical Disease (specific diseases as per general conditions)Covered
Sexually transmitted diseases (specific diseases as per general conditions)Up to $15,000 per year
Breast ReconstructionCovered if due to a covered partial or complete breast excision due to breast cancer (within 6 months of sickness)
Cancer including chemotherapy & radiotherapyCovered
Psychiatric DisorderIn-hospital treatment covered up to $1,000 per year after 12 month of enrolment
Hospital daily incomeFor entrepreneurs < 60 years; $50/day starting the 2nd day & up to 7 days per year
Ambulatory (Lab, X-Ray, MRI,…)
Option 1Unlimited, 100% coverage
Option 2Unlimited, 85% coverage
Doctor Visit (not applicable for Junior single)Up to 10 visits per year
Prescription drugs (not applicable for Junior single)
Option 1Up to $1,500 per year with a 15% deductible
Option 2Up to $1,500 per year with No deductible
Home CareCovered
Rental of medical suppliesUp to 1 month rental
Travel insuranceWorldwide excluding USA, Canada, Australia & Japan
Travel insurance up to 65 yearsCovers 24/7 help desk. Covers death abroad, repatriation of mortal remains, up to $10,000. Covers accidental and acute sickness not due to any Pre-Existing condition, up to €30,000 per trip and up to 90 days per year. Card should be requested at least 48 hours before traveling
Travel insurance 66 years and aboveCovers 24/7 help desk. Covers death abroad, repatriation of mortal remains, up to $10,000
Private transportation service/private ambulanceCovered
Waiver of medical premium of family (for adherents below 65 years)We waive the medical premium of the family for a period of the policy year and 1 additional year in case of death, terminal illness, or total disability of the bread winner
Death in case of personal accidentCovered, up to $10,000 per case
Guaranteed renewability720 days, lifetime subject to an observation period of 180 days for new members
Tests related to pre-existing cases for new insuredCovered up to 100$ once per year since day 1
Discounts and Special rates
Family discountApplicable for 3+ (for every year)
4th child & more for freeFree for the first year (new business)
Age discount10% discount for individuals and families below 45 years for the first year only (new business)
Junior single special rateSpecial rate for people between 18 and 35 years who are single (for every year)
Newly married couple discount15% discount for the couple aged 45 years or less and for the first year (new business)
Life style discountFor every Km you run outdoor, earn $0.5, up to $100 per year. To be monitored by your Nike+ App, linked to your Facebook account

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