At Securite Assurance it's not a job, it's a career

Securite Assurance is a place where big dreams are brought to life and where purpose and culture are key. Our team is made-up of bold, ambitious, smart, reliable and service fanatic people who look out for customers and each other.

Everyone is encouraged to challenge the status quo, and to look for solutions and innovations that would disrupt the market and help us serve our clients in an insanely great way. This is how we’re having a profound impact on the people we serve and this truly moves us as it is at the heart of our purpose.

We might have been around for a while (since 1955), but we’re young in many ways, ambitious and going places. We have built a force of good and we’re always looking for the right people to help us grow.

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It’s not a job, it’s a career

Our Leadership Principles

Today our leaders are being trained to become even better leaders.

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Explore Internship, Direct Sales Force, and Leadership programs.

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  • A very good and compassionate company.

    Akid Hadchiti

  • I knew your true worth only after interacting with other insurance companies.  Your service is marvelous as compared to other companies that failed to answer my calls and are behind schedule in the processing of files. With such encouraging experience, I have decided to deal with you beginning of next year.

    Zafer Zahr El Dine

  • Impressive reception, nothing surpasses your treatment.

    Johnny Makhlouf

  • The treatment is nothing but superb. I really admired interacting with you. You have earned my respect and I further strengthened my relationship.

    Ibrahim Ayach

  • Interacting with their administration, they displayed decency and positive vibes, especially in legal and claims related affairs.  Believing that I am in good hands, all my projects are now being insured with you.

    Hicham Matar

  • A terrific treatment!

    Rahad Al Dayekh

  • A trust that a person will not even get from his own family. You have true ladies and gentlemen and are quite friendly.  I thank you many folds.

    Amir Rayan Fathallah

  • Speed in processing files and payments of claims. Outstanding service.

    Nader Agdih