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TPL Bodily Injury & Material Damage

Our Third Party Liability product covers both material losses and bodily injuries caused to third parties.

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Private Car Bodily Injury and Material Damage Plan

Bodily injuryUp to 500,000$
Material damageUp to 100,000$ or 900,000$ (depending on the package)
Passenger and driver medical expenses100% coverage, up to $1,000 per person, 2nd class
Passenger and driver death or total permanent disability$3,000 per person
Road assistanceUnlimited due to accidents and 3 times per year in case of mechanical or electrical failure

Our Car Insurance Products

Motor All Risk

Comprehensive insurance with wide benefits, covering own and third party damage.

TPL Bodily Injuries and Material Damage

Covers bodily injuries and material damage caused to third parties.

Total Loss

Covers your car from extensive damage.

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