We offer brokers the tools and services needed to grow their business

Our Philosophy

We view every broker as a partner

Securite Assurance is a leading insurer covering a wide range of insurances lines. Our understanding of the market and clients’ needs have helped us create unique insurance solutions.


At Securite Assurance, we pride ourselves on the relationship we share with our brokers, who, across the years, have become our partners and a vital part of our never-ending growing family. This relationship has developed because of the integrity we put in our work and the expertise we bring to the table.


At Securite Assurance, our promise is to be here wherever life takes you, and to deliver a profound impact on people we serve. We consider claims as our own way to “walk the talk” and test our commitment, and it is our duty to handle them seriously.

Here is our promise and we’ll never compromise on it – you have our word on that:

  • Fairness: We always start by assuming your claim is valid and we promise to act in good faith and honor the intent of
    the policy.
  • Expertise: our claim handlers are specialists in their field, and they will appoint any additional experts needed to get
    the best outcome for you.
  • Speed: we make the claims process as fast and as simple as possible. Straightforward claims are often settled the day
    we receive them, and in all other cases you’ll be given your own specialist claims handler who you can contact directly.
  • Empathy: We understand the circumstances resulting in a claim can be highly stressful and we’re here to minimize the
    disruption to your life.

Your clients will call our 24/7 hotline and we’ll handle their claims from end to end. From assigning a road expert, to sending the tow truck, to selecting an A rated workshop, to calling back for feedback—we’ll do it all seamlessly

NEXtCARE administers all claims related to medical policies. Your clients will visit any provider, present their card, ID, and medical report and they’re in! (Medical report not needed for emergency cases)

TCL administers all claims related to expat policies. Your clients will visit any provider, present their card, ID, and medical report and they’re in! (Medical report not needed for emergency cases)

Our travel claims are managed from Europe and claims are handled on a direct billing basis

We’re here to help. In case of any claim, let your client call our Hotline 1534 and we’ll handle it

Our Advantages

OUR Mobile Pro App

Almost all work needed is one fingertip away



The Securite Assurance app for brokers, first in the sector and in the region.


This app is the insurance company at your fingertips. Log in using your personal user name and password and let the experience begin.


You’ll be able to:

Check our products and benefits
Price policies – Submit applications
Check your production by month and by line of business
Check your commissions by line of business
Check your renewals and tick policies you would like to renew and we will renew them and deliver them to you
You will also be able to declare claims using text or voice notes
Check claims by month and by line of business
Check the largest claim in your portfolio
Check your loss ratio by line of business
Check your dues and statement of account
Pay your due policies’ installments


In a nutshell, this app will significantly facilitate the way you, as a broker, do business. It is your business tool in your pocket.


1Prepare needed documents

2Contact us for an appointment

Our Broker is the First to Care.


  • A very good and compassionate company.

    Akid Hadchiti

  • I knew your true worth only after interacting with other insurance companies.  Your service is marvelous as compared to other companies that failed to answer my calls and are behind schedule in the processing of files. With such encouraging experience, I have decided to deal with you beginning of next year.

    Zafer Zahr El Dine

  • Impressive reception, nothing surpasses your treatment.

    Johnny Makhlouf

  • The treatment is nothing but superb. I really admired interacting with you. You have earned my respect and I further strengthened my relationship.

    Ibrahim Ayach

  • Interacting with their administration, they displayed decency and positive vibes, especially in legal and claims related affairs.  Believing that I am in good hands, all my projects are now being insured with you.

    Hicham Matar

  • A terrific treatment!

    Rahad Al Dayekh

  • A trust that a person will not even get from his own family. You have true ladies and gentlemen and are quite friendly.  I thank you many folds.

    Amir Rayan Fathallah

  • Speed in processing files and payments of claims. Outstanding service.

    Nader Agdih