Securite Assurance is one of the first insurance companies in Lebanon. It started its operations in 1955 as the agent of Union des Assurance de Paris (UAP), which was one of the largest insurers in Europe. Following the merger of UAP with AXA, shareholders decided to create a local insurance company, and this is how Securite Assurance came to life.

Today Securite Assurance holds a robust financial standing backed by one of the highest assets in the market (15 Mn USD). The company manages assets amounting to ~50 Mn USD, and issues more than 300,000 policies per year.

Securite Assurance operates throughout Lebanon via its 10+ branches. The company also has presence via its sister company ISA throughout the Middle East and North Africa region where it is a leader in the travel insurance and cargo insurance markets, and where it has partnered with more than 40 insurance companies and thousands of sales agents.

Securite Assurance enjoys a solid backup provided by highly rated reinsurance companies and reputable administrators.

Securite Assurance’s goal is to become a customer-obsessed insurer to the point that it becomes the obvious and evident insurance partner for brokers and end-clients, the top of mind insurance brand—when you think insurance we want you to think Securite.

Today the company places the client at the center of what it does, and engineers most of its practices accordingly. At Securite clients are not policyholders or claim numbers. They are more than that. They are human beings with specific needs. Understanding those needs and acting on them promptly is the challenge, and it’s what we do well.


We proudly hold the ISO 9001:2015, which is a globally recognized quality management system certification! This certification proves that we work by a consistent system to deliver an insanely great service to our clients, and how loyal we are to our values of commitment and teamwork!


Our vision is to be the evident insurance partner, the first and best choice for clients and we’ll get there by providing an insanely great service – that’s our mission


What Guides Our Behavior

Service is at the heart of our purpose. It’s the tool we have to improve the lives of people and put a smile on their faces. So be as service fanatic as possible and use every opportunity you have to WOW clients.

Securite Assurance is a place where big dreams are brought to life. So be optimistic about the future and believe, as optimists do, that doing good brings good and that our big dreams are possible because it will somehow make them so, and most times it does.

Interdependent collaboration also needs individual independence, by which we mean: take responsibility for your bit, own it, and follow through on it. The point is that individual ownership supports collective responsibility. So commit and deliver.

The goal is to always improve the culture, to have everyone work hard to make everyone else successful, to have people support and enable one another, and the best way to do so is to think in terms of “We” not “I”. We rise by lifting others.

Change the language in a tribe and you have changed the tribe itself. Communication shapes cultures. That’s why we take extra care of what we say or write and make sure that it is in line with our values and the culture we want to shape and preserve.

Let’s be honest, we all do mistakes and we all have room to improve and that’s perfectly fine. That’s why we’re reflective about why something didn’t work and always thrive to achieve a better version of ourselves.

Our Advantages

OUR Mobile Pro App

Almost all work needed is one fingertip away



The Securite Assurance app for brokers, first in the sector and in the region.


This app is the insurance company at your fingertips. Log in using your personal user name and password and let the experience begin.


You’ll be able to:

Check our products and benefits
Price policies – Submit applications
Check your production by month and by line of business
Check your commissions by line of business
Check your renewals and tick policies you would like to renew and we will renew them and deliver them to you
You will also be able to declare claims using text or voice notes
Check claims by month and by line of business
Check the largest claim in your portfolio
Check your loss ratio by line of business
Check your dues and statement of account
Pay your due policies’ installments


In a nutshell, this app will significantly facilitate the way you, as a broker, do business. It is your business tool in your pocket.


Our team is our most important asset. They are leaders in their fields and are passionate about bringing our vision to life



Jeff Khawam




Anthony Khawam




Lama Chaker

Director Health, Life, & PA



Pascale Samaha 

Director of Technology



Me. Marwan Chedid

Director Claims & Legal



Carine Z. Nahass

Director Finance


Hrair Kouyoumjian

Director Development



Hady Theokaris

Director Travel and Reinsurance



Nagi Gemayel

Director PR



Gaïa Khairallah

HR Manager



Yara Francis

Marketing Manager



Naji Ghanem

Claims Manager



Victor Abou Saad

Sales Manager



Danny Farah

Customer Service Manager



Antoine Ghaoui

Collection Manager



Issam Aramouni

Accounting Manager

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With over 60 years of proven excellence, we continuously strive to deliver best-in-class service to our clients both in Lebanon and abroad

  • 1955 Agent of UAP


  • 1996 Following the merger of UAP with AXA, Securite Assurance was created
  • 2000 Local success, becoming amongst the top 10 insurance companies


  • 2001 Started operating in the MENA region
  • 2005 Regional success, becoming the leader in travel & cargo lines in the MENA region


  • 2007 Became a leader in motor insurance in Lebanon
  • 2015 Finalized a customer centric transformation
  • 2017 Became a service benchmark in the insurance industry